Question: So my Boyfriend and I are wanting to go to the same college together. We’re both Juniors, we have been dating for a long time and we have no desire to date anyone other than each other. He wants to be a Video Game designer, and he needs a school that has Video Game Graphic Design Courses, and I want to be an Orthodontist. We were looking at Murray State University in KY, but we looked more into it and found out that the Graphic design was for Advertisements only, so we’re looking elsewhere. We like small towns and nice people and we’re not a fan of overly populated areas (EX; California, New York, Etc) and prefer calmer places (EX: Kentucky, Wisconsin, Kansas, Etc). Any suggestions??? Thanks so much! And please don’t give me your opinion about our relationship. We’re some of the smartest kids in our school, top 10%, 3.8 – 4.0 GPA scores. Everyone who sees us together agrees that there is no doubt we love each other more than anything. Thanks!!!!
I plan to get my bachelors in a type of Biology or science. He only plans to go to school for 4 years. What we want is to be in the same school. For instance, we wouldn’t have the same classes, but we would be together in the same area of a University. I need a school with a dental school in the University or a department in that general area, but that college will need to have a Video game Graphic design program. What I’m asking for is, is there a school that has BOTH a Video game graphic desig
n AND a biology course that would give me the credits I need to go to a dental school that is near by, not the same school, but near by. I know I need a bachelors, then a transfer to dental school to become an orthodontist, and then take a 3 year class. What I’m wanting is for us to be able to go to the same school where we both get our bachelors, but the school has a Dental school nearby it as well. not to far away. THAT is what I’m asking

Answer: Dental school is a graduate program. You need a Bachelors degree to attend dental school.

What field do you plan to do your undergraduate degree in?

You won’t attend the same university for undergrad and dental school